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St. Lucas is a faith community of MANY ministries and many ministers. 
In all we do we strive to glorify Jesus Christ.

Historic, Yet Progressive, St. Lucas Church

     St. Lucas is a progressive ministry in the heart of Toledo's Old South End.  We welcome and include people of all ages, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, economic levels, and previous spiritual experiences.

St. Lucas Affirmation of Welcome
A Reconciling in Christ Congregation (RIC)

In accord with the Gospel of Jesus Christ St. Lucas welcomes all.  By this we mean we extend the radical welcome of Jesus to  people of any age, race, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic level, mental health diagnosis, recovery status, education level, or previous religious experience to participate in the sacramental life and work of our congregation.

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9-3  Tuesday-Friday


745 Walbridge Ave.

Toledo, OH 43609

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St. Lucas Lutheran Church from Toledo

                                     CHRIST IS RISEN!  ALLELUIA!                                  


In Person Worship Policy at St. Lucas 
During Covid-19 Pandemic

When we are in a level one (yellow) risk we will have in person worship every Sunday with all advised protocols followed.

If we are at a level 2 (orange) risk we will have in person worship every other Sunday with all advised protocols followed.

For levels 3 & 4 (red or purple) risk we will have live stream worship only, no in person worship.

Right now Lucas County is at a level 3 (red) risk, so in person worship is suspended, but we will continue to live stream on our Facebook page for all services: 4pm Saturday, 9 & 10:30 Sunday.

     In the event that we move from the current level red to a level orange or yellow in the middle of a week, we will wait one Sunday before re-instituting in person worship.

     If you are in a high risk group due to age or health condition we encourage you to stay home and watch the live stream worship, which will continue even if we are offering in person worship. We also need to take special care to stay in touch with those not connected by the internet. We will continue to work on ways to bring Word and Sacrament to this group at St. Lucas.


Here are some parameters for our in person

service when we offer it.

Please understand our caution as our care for you and the community:

  •  Do not attend if you are sick or have been in contact with someone with Covid-19
  •  We encourage people who are in “at risk” groups to remain at home and watch the live stream, which will continue for all three services.
  •  We will need to register worshipers at the door for contact tracing, if ever needed
  •  9am worshipers will sit on the lectern side 10:30 worshipers on the pulpit side, so we don’t have to sterilize pews between services. 
  •  Worship time not to exceed 30-40 minutes.
  •  There will be a requirement to wear masks. Masks will be provided at the door for those who do not have one. 
  •  No congregating in the narthex, when talking outside, please practice physical distancing
  • ¨ Elevator will be closed due to concerns about its small space and breath particles in it
  •  The Saturday 4pm service will not meet in person immediately due space and cleaning concerns before Sunday worship.  We are working on a plan for 4pm in person. 
  •  The following Sunday (July 19) Pastor Billmeier will be on vacation, so there will be no in person worship that Sunday, only live stream.  After review of how July 12 went we will resume in person opportunity to worship on July 26, if it seems advisable. 
  •  Each worshiper will receive a wrapped communion wafer at the door to use during consecration; we will use
 only bread for worshipers for the time being
  •  There will be no corporate singing or speaking per ELCA guidelines on safe worship practices.
  •  Please refrain from using the restroom, if at all possible
  •  Stay in pews until dismissed after the postlude, please








Live-streamed at

Saturday  4pm

Sunday    9am

Sunday    10:30 am

Join us for live worship each weekend at one of the times above during the coronavirus pandemic.


Daily Devotions ON FACEBOOK Live! Join us on the St. Lucas Facebook page Monday-Friday:

9am    Morning Prayer     

Noon  Midday Prayer       

9pm    Night Prayer

     A few moments of music & prayer offered three times daily.. We offer this service as a way to stay connected to the Lord and find the promises of Jesus in this difficult time in our world.  Sundays 6 & 9pm devotions only. Tune in to our worship live stream on Sunday mornings & Saturday afternoons.                                 



     We have a new policy concerning our Lunch Program and our Pantry Program.A free hot lunch will be served at the Frank St. door at noon Monday through Friday.

      Please respect social distancing when standing in line.

     If you would like to donate items you may call the church and drop them off during lunch preparation hours (approximately 9:30-1:00). We can buzz you in the front Sunday School door and you can place them inside the door for later pick up.  Here's what we need:

1. Monetary donations
2. Plastic grocery bags
3. Ziploc sandwich bags
4. Big bags of fresh fruit (apples, oranges, etc.)
5. Small (to fit in the grocery bags) bags of chips, pretzels, etc.
6. Individual drinks (water, juice, pop)
7. Hamburger buns for sandwiches

      Free boxes of food from our pantry are available during the lunch hour.  Make a request for pantry food from one of our lunch servers.

     We are dedicated to making sure all those who need food can get it during these isolating days. May God Bless you.
THRIFT SHOP CLOSED DURING CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK. NO DONATIONS PLEASE. We are not accepting donations at this time. Please do not leave donations outside our door. It is our policy for health and safety reasons to dispose of donations left anonymously outside the door. Please save your donations until the thrift shop re-opens. Thanks.
  • WORSHIP We  continue to live-stream worship on our Facebook page at our regular weekend times (4pm Saturday, 9 & 10:30am Sunday).  Holy Communion will be offered via live stream only (not posted on Facebook) at all three weekend worship services.  Prepare a small amount of bread and wine at home if you wish to participate.  We will sign off after the prayers and sign back in, so that the consecration will be live only and the first part of the service can be posted on Facebook.  Please do send in your church offering or begin to give electronically using the "Donate" button on this webpage.

  • FUNERALS Church Council has set as a policy that we ask that only private (family) funeral or graveside services be performed or that memorial services be planned at a later date for any funerals.
  • OFFERINGS  Please send us your offering, since in-person church is not available at this time. You may also drop your off offering when pastor is there during the Cindy’s Corner hours (around 9:30-1:00, call the office to let us know you are coming 419-243-8189. Just buzz the front door and we will buzz you in to drop your offering inside the door, then we'll come down and get it.  Thanks to the many who have mailed, dropped off or made electronic offerings through our PayPal button    on  our website:

  • AA AND GED  The Monday & Thursday 10am and Friday 7pm AA groups are now meeting with Covid-19 protocols in place.
Healing Christ, visit our world with your healing presence and power.  Be with all who suffer, especially a world suffering under the pandemic of Covid-19.  Come quickly to save us.  Heal the sick and comfort the sorrowing.  Amen.

3 Worship

Services Offered

Every Weekend

Sunday Morning Early Service


  9:00 am   

Less formal liturgy in the St. Lucas main sanctuary.  We sing a variety of hymns old and new.

Sunday Morning Late Service

10:30 am

     Beautiful higher liturgy with the participation of the St. Lucas choir.  We use a variety of styles seasonally and sing a good mix of hymns old and new, accompanied by the beautiful St. Lucas pipe organ.

Saturday Afternoon


4:00 pm 

    Casual, warm and intimate worship service held in the St. Lucas Lower Church. We sing hymns mostly from the African American hymnal "This Far By Faith" and the contemporary praise hymnal "Worship and Praise."

  • Holy Communion is celebrated at all weekend worship services.

  • Elevator from street level to sanctuary & lower church 

  • Lighted parking lot with monitoring for evening services 
  • For more information, please contact the church office at:
419-243-8189 or email: stlucasoffice@gmail.

A Quick Guide to Our Ministries


Thursday 10:00- 11:30am

     St. Lucas members pick up remaining bread from Panera on Wednesday night so we can distribute it FREE to those for whom it is a help.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  Noon-12:45pm

     Serving lunch three days a week in the St. Lucas gym. As always, we need people who can sacrifice time, treasure, food (particularly meat and dairy), and supplies. Call Cindy 419-724-5280 if you can help, or just stop by for lunch and see what the church is doing in the service of the Lord. 


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  9:30-Noon        Call 419-724-5280

     A St. Lucas Faith Community member with a social work background is on hand to assist people in connecting to the help they need for food, clothing, health, housing and more.


3rd Tuesday of Every Month 6-7:00pm in the Sanctuary

     The St. Lucas healing team is administers healing touch, anointing for healing, or healing prayer.                                               Come and go at any time during the healing times.   


Wednesday       9:30-11:30

Thursday            9:30-11:30 

Friday                 9:30-11:30 

              Low cost clothing, household goods and other items to help  those with lower incomes.


Twice a Year:  First Weekends of May & October 

     We need help sorting now!  Come on Wednesday mornings 9:30am to Noon. 
Also need help clerking and preparing lunch during the sale.

Sermon on Video
See our Facebook page for most recent sermon videos:

There are many thoughts to ponder from this sermon....but here are just 2; Drawing distinctions in people (if it weren't for these people we would be happy) and in today's gospel Jesus said (and we are paraphrasing) it is not what goes into your mouth but what comes out.
Todays lessons: Isaiah 56:1, 6-8, Psalm 67, Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32, Matthew 15: 10-28



Please visit our Facebook page  for older videos.

 Faith: The experience of the Presence of God.

                February 28

                 March 6                                                March 13

    Mar 20 Palm Sunday

 Easter He is Risen,

            He is Risen, Indeed!

                     April 3 

 Paul find his happiness 
              by giving up his power.